XCO2 are a multidisciplinary group with backgrounds in engineering, architecture and environmental science. They work as consultants for buildings, large developments and masterplans and provide carbon management advice for businesses. They are committed to making a meaningful contribution within the communities they work, particularly within Islington. This includes offering pro-bono consultancy services to projects that benefit the local community or serve a charitable cause in the area.

Becca Troy, Marketing and Graphics Coordinator: 

‘Our engagement with ISEP has led to our work supporting local communities and social enterprises to bring about energy savings and improvements to existing buildings in the borough via the Islington Community Energy Fund. Through our volunteering initiatives, we work collaboratively with community charity the Peel Institute, near our offices in Clerkenwell, to provide support through a range of means, including teaching sessions, volunteering at events and at the community centre, and providing equipment to enable the charity to hold lessons and courses’.