During 2016 Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership was delighted to support the transformation of Theseus Boreas community green space. We raised £3,500 to provide key pieces of play equipment and green planting to help transform Theseus Boreas Walk into a green space and play facility which truly benefits the whole community.

Theseus Boreas Walk, adjacent to Nelson Place and Theseus Walk, N1, has been well used over the years by those who live and work in the local area, but in recent years the space has become outdated. The small amount of existing play equipment is old. Overgrown plants and shrubs and the decline in use have contributed to a rise in anti-social behaviour in the area.

The borough of Islington has the smallest amount of green space of any borough in London. We know outdoor green and play space is vital for both child development and adult mental health and wellbeing. Spaces also provide a great opportunity for community interaction. Therefore we’re passionate about helping the tenants and residents make this the best green space possible!

Dominic Fenton, Chair of Theseus Boreas TRA says:

“We believe that transforming this space will bring our community closer together, provide an important resource for our children to play and learn, and help make our local area cleaner, greener and safer.”

ISEP raised the money through three fundraising events and the particular support of London Metropolitan University, Interface, Cullinan Studio, Conisbee and Bennetts Associates. ISEP members also provided in-kind design support.

The space will be reopened in Spring 2018 and residents can’t wait to use their new playground. Groundwork is currently working hard to plug a funding shortfall of £5000. Any donations large or small can be made via the Theseus Boreas crowdfunding page and all donations are gratefully received.