Apply to the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership green certification scheme and join the ranks of Islington’s greenest businesses.

The ISEP Green Certification Scheme is a local award scheme recognising carbon reduction and wider environmental achievements in Islington’s business community.

Designed to be both meaningful and attainable for any Islington organisation, whether you run an office-based business, a restaurant, hotel or charity, it’s a bold signal of your sustainability achievements.


  • Benchmarking: understand your environmental performance and how you compare to other businesses in Islington.
  • Branding and marketing: use the certification to demonstrate your environmental sustainability to your customers, staff and partners.
  • Guidance and support: get advice on how you can improve your performance and have the opportunity to share your expertise and network with other local businesses.

Certification is open to any organisation in the borough. Submit details of your current environmental policies and practices and, depending on how you score against the ISEP criteria, you’ll be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate and a listing on the ISEP website.


The certification criteria focus on 3 key areas:

  • Monitoring & targeting: Calculating your carbon footprint and other environmental impacts and setting targets to reduce them.
  • Action planning and results: Implementing action plans and achieving reductions and results.
  • Activity beyond the business: Encouraging others (customers, suppliers or your local community) to become greener.


ISEP Awards Logo_Bronze (For Print)


Bronze – Awarded to organisations that have a working environmental policy and systems in place to monitor and reduce energy as appropriate to the size of and to the specific activities and key impacts of the organisation.



ISEP Awards Logo_Silver (For Print)

Silver – Awarded to organisations that have met bronze requirements and are also making significant progress on carbon reduction. Silver certified businesses are taking real action to reduce emissions with measurable results.



ISEP Awards Logo_Gold (For Print)

Gold – Awarded to organisations that have met the bronze and silver requirements and are demonstrating exemplary environmental business practice. Gold businesses are proactively engaging with the community and demonstrating a genuine commitment to sharing their knowledge and expertise with other organisations.


The Certification is simple to apply for. Complete the application form, submit with the relevant evidence and if you meet the criteria you’ll be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold. Get a certificate to display in your premises, an electronic logo to use on your website and communications materials and be listed as a certified organisation on the ISEP website.

Use the certification award to demonstrate your environmental achievement when applying for grants, ISO ratings or EMAS, as well as for your own marketing and branding purposes. Those companies receiving a Gold award will be able to share and communicate best practices with others in the scheme via our website and newsletters. They will also receive special mention on the homepage of this website.

Regardless of whether your have one, ten, or thousand employees, this certification is available to you and is a signal of your commitment to a more sustainable Islington and future.

To apply, contact us on 0207 527 2347 /

To apply for certification download the ISEP Green Certifcation Application Form & Guidance 2015 and return via email to