Power Up North London (PUNL) is an ISEP member and a committed community energy group structured as a Community Benefit Society.  They were formed in 2015 to enable local people to play an active role in supporting the transition to renewable energy.  PUNL’s projects are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions while supporting those in fuel poverty.

The Society has delivered a range of solar PV projects having installed 313kWp across 9 sites including schools, community centres, an NHS GP surgery, a golf course and a city farm.   PUNL has also organised fuel poverty workshops to support people in reducing their energy consumption and fuel bills.

Over the next two years PUNL will focus on taking a holistic view of each site’s energy efficiency needs, working with partners to reduce energy consumption at each site, and delivering low-carbon technologies including large-scale solar projects and renewable heat projects.

PUNL is volunteer-led and is always on the lookout for new volunteers to support its work and for partner organisations to deliver projects with.

ISEP members can collaborate with PUNL in a number of ways:

  • Identify suitable sites – for installation of solar PV/renewable heat and other low-carbon technologies
  • Deliver solar PV projects – provide specific project-related expertise from demand analysis, to cost/benefit evaluation, fundraising, legal and procurement
  • Deliver renewable heat projects – working in partnership with Islington Council
  • Support retrofitting work to improve energy efficiency – This needs to be done prior to installation of renewable technologies and is a relatively new endeavour for PUNL.  Support can cover the initial investigations, preparation of a prioritised retrofitting plan and finding the right suppliers to deliver the follow-up work
  • Run fuel poverty workshops – Support PUNL’s work on fuel poverty by helping to set up a structured programme that can reach more Islington residents each year.
  • Support the development of an energy efficiency package for schools – PUNL is working with a local architect and parent to create a learning package that will enable school children in KS1 – 5 to engage with climate change and renewable technologies at a practical level within their schools.  This could potentially lead to apprenticeships and green jobs in due course.
  • Support a community energy fund project – PUNL recently set up its own Community Energy Fund  to offer opportunities for local people to pitch for funds to deliver renewables projects.  They have a total of £5000 to distribute with a min of £500 per project.

So, do get in touch with PUNL if you would like to support any of their initiatives.  You can contact them at info@powerupnorthlondon.org.