Funded by InnovateUK and led by London South Bank University and Islington Council, GreenSCIES will be the first large-scale smart energy system in the UK that integrates energy technologies across mobility, heat and power in Islington.

The network will deliver heating, cooling, power and electric vehicle charging to the local area, powered by renewable energy and waste heat, sourced from the local area. The system is being developed to serve more than 10,000 residents, 3,500 homes, and 10 very large non-domestic buildings in Islington and will significantly contribute to the borough’s 2030 net-zero carbon target. The concept will also be able to be replicated throughout the country and has the potential to become a world-leading model for Smart Local Energy Systems.

Preliminary results indicate that the Smart Local Energy System will deliver up to a 25% reduction on energy bills for local businesses and residents and 80% carbon savings compared to existing systems using gas boilers, chillers and grid electricity.

The network will recover waste heat from a London Underground ventilation shaft, two local data centres, and open loop boreholes connecting to the London aquifer. This recovered heat will be upgraded by heat pumps at local energy hubs. These will also connect with local solar PV power generation and electric vehicles charging  and vehicle to grid (V2G) charging/storage alongside large scale batteries

The network will be controlled by a sophisticated artificial intelligence system to optimise all these things, minimising energy costs and maximising carbon savings.

Engagement with local stakeholders is now underway. Further information can be found at the GreenSCIES website.