Cllr Webbe Solar Panels Islington Council

ISEP has done the carbon crunching and our members have achieved another massive fall in carbon emissions, even though staff numbers and economic activity are increasing for many. The average reduction for all members who reported in 2017-18 was 7% which is great news. If we just look at the members who reduced emissions compared to 2016-17 then their average was 10%. This really shows how our members are leading the way, for example by fitting LED lights, instigating behaviour change and installing renewable energy.

Looking beyond 2017-18, the average across the members who’ve achieved a fall in their emissions is that they’ve managed to reduce emissions by 25% in less than 6 years. All of these figures are weather corrected and exclude grid decarbonisation so they represent the real achievements of our members, not a mild winter or the shift to wind and solar through the National Grid.

ISEP represents nearly 15% of the borough’s commercial carbon emissions. We’re looking forward to growing our membership and supporting our members to make ever greater cuts to their carbon.