On 24th May Islington Town Hall hosted ‘Catering for Good’: a joint event by The SRA, CCCA and ISEP. We heard from:

  • ZEN City Fringe about how much money food delivery companies are saving when they switch to electric bikes and mopeds
  • Riverford at the Duke of Cambridge about how they ensure their fish dishes are sustainable from net to plate, which involves looking online to check where the fishing boats are
  • The Wesley about how they’ve been controlling their waste and water use, partly by using ozone as a cleaning product
  • The Sekforde about how their water source heat pump is providing low carbon heating and cooling throughout the year

The workshops were really animated as everyone interrogated the issues arising from the talks. Attendees enjoyed “the diversity of speakers and guests”, “sharing experiences in group discussions” and overall thought it was “fun, informative and engaging”. They suggested future events could include “getting chefs more involved”, “a focus on behaviour change”, “more on sustainability beyond Islington”, “separate thematic sessions”, “pros and cons of food packaging”, “food recycling”, “minimising water waste”, “community involvement” and “sustainable sourcing”.