Join us for a fun and friendly event, speaking with idling drivers in the Angel area. The event starts at 10 with a training session on how to have conversations that encourage drivers to ‘do the right thing’. Prepared with facts, hints and tips, we’ll go out in pairs to cover Angel’s idling hotspots. The action will be from 11 until 1, though it’s fine if you can only join us for part of that time.

This event will boost your confidence and definitely give you a feel good glow as you do your bit to improve local air quality and reduce carbon emissions. If you’ve ever walked past an idling vehicle wishing you were brave enough to say something this is definitely the event for you.

Please register direct with by clicking on ‘Join the event’ to the right. If you haven’t volunteered with them before then please fill in their volunteering form.

Also if you’re interested but can’t make 27 February, there’s another idling event in Islington at Ambler Primary School on 21 February. See idlingaction for more details.